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Block validator on Tezos Blockchain

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What is Neokta Labs?
Neokta Labs is an unofficial entity that is participating in the decentralization of the Tezos blockchain.
It is called a "Tezos Baker" and act as a block validator on the Tezos blockchain.

Why should you delegate your tez to Neokta Labs?
Annual inflation on the Tezos network is around 5.5%.
Delegating your tez to Neokta Labs will ensure that you do not miss out on this interest.

Neokta Labs is using a robust on-premise infrastructure, highly available and fully secured.
We have a full control on our service, we do not depend on any cloud provider.

It is important to understand that we are actively involved and enthusiasts of the Tezos ecosystem since it’s fundraising in 2017.
We want to make Tezos as decentralised as possible, which is the reason why we started our baking service on May 1st 2020.
We also actively participate in the Tezos Governance by casting our votes on every proposals.

How to delegate your tez to Neokta Labs?
This is our baker address: tz1UvkANVPWppVgMkLnvN7BwYZsCP7vm6NVd
You can delegate your tez from any Tezos wallets by using the address above.

When will you get your first rewards?
From the day you start delegating to us, we will start paying your first rewards after approx. 23 days. (7 cycles)
Keep also in mind that we do not pay rewards to any accounts found with zero balance.

How safe is it to delegate to us?
The process of delegation in the Tezos blockchain is totally safe.
By delegating your tez to Neokta Labs, you only delegate your rights.
Your funds are neither locked nor frozen and do not move anywhere. You retain a full control on your balance.

Is there a minimum amount of tez required?
Yes, you need to delegate at least 500 tez in order to use Neokta Labs delegation service.
If you delegate less than 500 tez, your rewards won't get paid.

Is there a service fee?
Yes, Neokta Labs will take a 5% fee on your rewards in order to pay for the infrastructure running costs.

I delegated my tez, now what?
You can track your rewards from the amazing dashboard powered by @Baking-Bad team.
Just enter your wallet address and click on "Search"
This is where you make sure that your rewards are paid as expected.

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